DVTA-Course: External quality control - Proficiency testing: problems and solution (only offered in German)

By § 4a of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) and the guideline of the German Medical Association, medical laboratories are obliged to regularly participate in proficiency testing for analytes of Annex B 1, among others. Accreditors are required (according to ISO 15189:2014) to require medical laboratories to participate for all analytes they offer and for which there are external quality controls. However, many laboratories also participate in the proficiency tests offered on a voluntary basis to document the accuracy and quality of their work. This seminar will provide you with the underlying evaluation standards and evaluation procedures. Proficiency test managers report and discuss problems in the preparation, performance and evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons.


Prices and registration can be found on the DVTA page: https://dvta.de/externe-qualitaetskontrolle-ringversuche-probleme-und-loesungen-online-seminar


Next Date: 30. September 2023


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