General Questions
Why did I receive a new participant number?

Due to internal restructuring, training participants are set up as new participants. You can only order training courses with this participant number; however, not EQA schemes.

What resources do I need for an online seminar?

We use the WebEx platform for our online seminars. To participate in our online seminars, you need the following:

  • A computer with an up to date operating system and internet browser
  • If applicable, an authorization from your IT department to use the WebEx service
  • A working sound system on your computer (speakers, headset).

Please log in a few minutes before the session to adjust your settings if necessary. If you are using WebEx for the first time, you need to install a plugin first. Please plan accordingly.

How can I register for a training course?

You can order the online training courses (901-902) via the RV-Online system. 

Registration for all other training courses is completed via separate (online) registration forms. These are linked in the online catalog at the respective event. 

After receiving the registration confirmation, the registration becomes binding but can be canceled free of charge until the final registration date. For further details on cancellation, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

I forgot to register for a training course, and now the registration deadline has passed. What can I do?

To ensure a smooth running of our training courses, subsequent registrations are unfortunately not possible. Please register for the next available training course.

Training Documents/Evaluations
Do I receive a certificate for each training course?

Certificates can only be issued for courses with performance assessments. You will receive a certificate of attendance for all events.

Why can't I find my certificates online?

It is currently not possible to provide online evaluation documents as all training courses are being evaluated in a different system. This feature will be implemented in the future. 

What is the difference between "person-related" and "laboratory-related" certificates?

Usually, we issue certificates and certificates of attendance on a personalized basis. 

An exception is our online training course "901 - Preanalytics" and our course "902 - Urine Sediment", where the questions can be discussed in advance in the team. In that case, the laboratory will receive a collaborative evaluation and certificate of attendance and a laboratory-specific certificate upon successful participation. 

Personalized evaluation documents can't be issued for online training courses.

Are there any continuing education credits for the training?

Where possible, CME points are applied for at the responsible state medical associations and the DIW-MTA.

When will I receive my invoice?

You will generally receive your invoice a few weeks after the event.

Can I deduct a discount from the invoice?

Cash discount may not be deducted. The invoices are payable without deductions.

New Training Courses
I can't find any continuing education in my field. What can I do?

Your input is important to us. Feel free to write us to submit your suggestions and wishes via our contact form.

We are a medical/scientific society and would like to cooperate with INSTAND in the context of a new continuing education program.

We are always interested in collaborations with other professional societies. Please contact us via our contact form.