DVTA-Course: Evaluation of devices and methods – with applied statistics (only offered in German)

DVTA-Course: Evaluation of devices and methods – with applied statistics (only offered in German)
A new analytical method or analytical instrument is to be introduced. Beforehand, comparative measurements and their evaluation must be carried out in order to be able to assess its applicability for the desired purpose. In the event of a change (e.g. equipment, companies or reagents), comparability with the previous method must often be ensured. Comparative measurements and other criteria must be evaluated in such a way that an objective assessment of suitability is possible or reference ranges can be defined. This seminar will provide you with the most important basics on how to approach such a task and which statistical principles you need for evaluation and assessment. The methods and techniques used are standard-compliant and show what is required or expected for laboratory accreditation.
No samples will be sent.
This course is currently offered in German only.
Price Per Participant:
Prices and registration can be found on the DVTA website. Please click on the button "Register".
Type Of Certificate:
No certificate, recognized for the Voluntary Continuing Education Certificate DIW-MTA/DVTA e.V. with 10 credits of category H.

Registration deadline: none
Training available from: 21.05.2022
Closing date: 21.05.2022

Additional Information:
The DVTA will organize and issue the certificate of participation. Registration is only possible on the DVTA website. The event will be held online if an on-site event in Düsseldorf is not possible due to the current SARS-CoV-2 situation.
Cooperation with:
Dachverband für Technologen/-innen und Analytiker/-innen in der Medizin Deutschland e.V. (DVTA)
Training Manager:

Dr. rer. nat. Manfred Falck


Ubierstr. 20

40223 Düsseldorf